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Team new dexterity

New Zealand

Founded in 2017, New Dexterity ( is a research group affiliated with the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland in Auckland, New Zealand. We are interested in equipping robots with dexterous manipulation capabilities and enabling humans to regain their lost dexterity or augment their performance, modeling, designing, and controlling new robotics and bionics hardware. We are excited to participate in Robothon® and we look forward to solving the technical challenges of the competition with dexterous, adaptive robotic manipulation solutions.

Team inte-R-action


Our team is part of the inte-R-action lab and Centre for Autonomous Robotics (CENTAUR) at the University of Bath. We work in a variety of aspects of robotics and machine learning for applications in human-robot interaction, active sensing and perception and control. We are motivated to participate in Robothon® to challenge ourselves as a team and put in practise our expertise. We believe this is a unique opportunity to show our work based on the activities of this competition, but also, to create links and share our expertise with other teams for future collaborations and discussions to address challenges in autonomous robotics.

Team WasteWatchers


We are the WasteWatchers, Wolfgang, Simon, Patryk, Chris, four students of the UAS Technikum Wien, working for a future in which human innovation and technological advancement can be celebrated without drawbacks. As engineers, we see it as our duty to use our knowledge and skills to make our products more sustainable and reduce the footprint our consumption-driven society is leaving on this earth. We participate with our university’s slogan in mind: “The future isn’t cancelled.“



For us CARI Team members (from STIIMA C.N.R and the University of Brescia), Robothon® 2022 is the perfect occasion to test and compare the results of our research over the past years with the robotics community. The Robothon® presents a challenging scenario for disassembly where our previously developed algorithms for assembly and disassembly applications can be further tested and improved. Furthermore, this represents an opportunity to continue developing and improving the robotic skills acquired during the Robothon® 2021 challenge. 

Team RoboPig


We, Team RoboPig from Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt, are robot enthusiastic students from different disciplines. The Robothon® Grand Challenge is a good opportunity for us to try out the latest robotic technologies in a practical way. We want to use the experience gained for our studies and future jobs and contribute in making Germany one of the leading robotics nations in the long term. The most important thing for us, however, is having fun and networking with people who are enthusiastic about robots. We are ready to go!

Team MMR UAS Technikum Vienna


E-waste is both, an enormous challenge as well as an opportunity that could possibly be solved by modern robotics paired with state of the art image processing and machine learning. As a team of four master’s students from UAS Technikum Vienna, we are eager to show the possibilities and furthermore demonstrate the skills we learned during our studies, to tackle the challenge and provide solutions that are long overdue.

Team Sude


Nowadays, there is an increasing amount of end-of-life electric and electronic devices as well as the presence of batteries and other components representing a risk for the human operator. To make sustainable, robust and efficient robotic disassembly or dismantling systems is more necessary than ever. Within our research group, the members of the SUstainable DEmanufacturing (SUDE)  team from KU Leuven bring new technologies (such as deep learning computer vision, robotics and control) to improve the treatment of these devices when reaching their end-of-life devices.

Team Wall-E 3.0


The first generation of Wall-E in 2008 was a sophisticated approach for an electronic waste disposal system. During the Robothon® 2021 we developed an automated solution to perform some disassembly tasks. This year our team from the Technical University of Munich would like to take part in the competition again. We would like to integrate new computer vision pipelines as well as optimized path planning strategies into a next generation. The goal of the new approach being to perform the tasks more reliably and even faster.

Team Pandaria 2.0


Team Pandaria 2.0 is a group of students of Robotics and Electrical Engineering from TU Munich. Our specializations reach from real-time motion planning and full-body collision avoidance up to robot design testing for safe pHRI. On this basis, we are motivated to take on the E-waste challenge using our creativity and collective knowledge as a team. We thereby understand the challenge as an opportunity to learn as much as we can and to get a broader understanding of the state-of-the-art capabilities in robotics. We wish all teams a fair competition!



We are Team UTS-1 from University of Technology Sydney, Australia. We are intrigued by the five inspired real world industry tasks and its impact on economic challenges in E-waste. Our team intends to actively participate in A.I industrial revolution and shape the future of robotics in science and industry. As a team of final-year undergraduate students we see Robothon® 2022 as valuable opportunity to further develop and apply the robotics knowledge that we have learned throughout our degree. Thanks to our partners as UTS Robotics Institute, we have all the necessary tools to compete in this competition.

Team PakBot


We are a diverse team that are part of PakBot for the competition „Robothon® – The Grand Challenge 2022“. We are a collaborative team from Pakistan and represent the industry (Services Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. & VisualSoft Global LLC) as well as academia (Robot Design and Development Lab, National Centre of Robotics and Automation). The driving motivation behind PakBot is to solve real-time robotics and automation problems and infuse the benefits of Industry 5.0 into Pakistan’s economy. We intend to learn valuable problem-solving strategies and smart solutions to manage E-waste from this competition. Hence, it will open up new horizons in the field of E-waste management in Pakistan, impacting the sustainable eco-system of our industries.

Team E-Phoenix


We are E-Phoenix (Akhil, Parthan, Anujoy and Stefan) from RWTH Aachen University. We are a team of robotics and computer vision enthusiasts aiming to use interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise to solve some of the pressing industrial challenges. We are participating in Robothon® as we would like to contribute to the idea of using industrial manipulators to effectively disassemble and sort e-waste to resurrect the value of the precious metals in the waste and help save natural resources. We believe robotics will play a vital role in the future of automation with the potential to save the environment as well as make profits. We intend to use this opportunity to network and work with leading robotics industries and experts around the world for solving complex challenges and create a better production ecosystem for the people and the planet.



Team OSCAR is composed of members of three laboratories of CEA LIST, a French technological research organization. The team covers fields of robotics, vision, software development and machine learning. Through one of its main research programs focusing on interactive robotics, CEA LIST aims at developing a new generation of interactive intelligent robots able to perform adaptative manufacturing tasks. Our underlying goal is to develop fast and easy ways to program robots, with intelligent task sequencing, integrated sensing and fault recovery, without sacrificing cycle time. We see the Robothon challenge as the best way to field test our robot manipulation skills and push them to their limits, as well as a unique opportunity to compete and benchmark with great international teams.

Team Robotics Innovations Lab


It brings us immense joy to be competing at „Robothon® – The Grand Challenge 2022“. We as a team work with a motivation to solve real world problems addressing an alarming concern. Through Robothon® 2022, one such real world problem of e-waste management is on the cards and we are eagerly looking forward to come up with an optimized solution for this issue which can be standardized for future use. As responsible individuals, we are very well aware of the global issue of e-waste management. Through the platform provided by Robothon® we as a team from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore are trying to represent a huge mass of population globally where e-waste management is a major concern and the awareness about it is close to nil.

Team Wastehandlerx


We, Team WasteHandlerX, are a team of robotics enthusiasts, spread across Europe. On our journey for continuous education, we stumbled across the Robothon® Grand Challenge, where “disassembling and sorting e-waste” aligns with our company ideals of environmental sustainability all while bringing our band of “roboticists in training” together under one common goal. This competition allows us to raise more awareness on the topic of electronic waste globally while further developing our skills in manipulation, inspection, and automation as an international team

Team UTS InterpolatURs


We are team UTS InterpolatURs from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Coming together as undergraduate students with technical skills in mechatronics and robotics, we are highly motivated to combine our theoretical knowledge with our practical experience to compete in „Robothon® – The Grand Challenge 2022“. We are determined to push ourselves to new limits, whilst developing our technical and problem-solving skills that is beneficial for ourselves and the broader community. We look forward to competing against and developing a relationship with the other competitors which will in turn stimulate innovation in robotics research globally.

Team RoboTechX MDX


We, team RoboTechX MDX from the Middlesex University Dubai, love solving problems and we are excited to participate in „Robothon® – The Grand Challenge 2022“ as the outcome can be implemented in real life to make our world a better place.

Team robothix


Team RoboTHIx of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt will take part in the Robothon® Grand Challenge again. The team consists of students from the robotics course and research assistants. We are looking forward to an exciting competition and wish all participating teams every success.

Team Robovision


Team Robovision from Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences represents a community of engineers who have been encouraged to work together on technology to solve immediate environmental problems. We want to present an affordable and cost-effective solution to bridge the gap between the high cost of robotics and the cheap workforce.

Team Singularitas


Team Singularitas is a team of robotics master and PhD students and one teaching assistant from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Together we have knowledge and experiences to tackle any robotics problem and we share a common passion for solving real life problems via robotics and automation. We want to challenge ourselves with new tasks in robotics thus we see a challenge like Robothon® as a great opportunity to contribute to the future of robotics.