Impact Round Table

live at automatica on our munich_i AI.Society booth, Hall B4

moving beyond the task board...

Robothon Impact Round Table Recording - YouTube
Team CARI disassembles RAM, a Coin Battery, and Cables from a PC Motherboard

Peter So and the Robothon® Grand Jury discuss how teams can go beyond solving the competition task board and bring their autonomous robotic solution to e-waste facilities. This year’s challenge included a transferability task which required teams to find and bring their own e-waste object for their robot to autonomously disassemble and extract its batteries. The teams presented a wide range of impressive demos and the same skills they developed on the competition task board to disassemble batteries from digital cameras, printers, laser pointers, toys, and even a PC motherboard. Prof. van der Smagt shares why robots are appropriate for e-waste handling and shares advice for teams who want to take their work to market. Dr. Culha shared progress on the ReconCycle project which focuses on creating re-configurable robotic work cells for electronic waste handling. Prof. Dr. Albu-Schaefer also shared the news of a newly accepted EU project called euRobin which will build a European network of robot labs to collaborate on further development of robotic skills. 

Watch the recording of the Robothon Impact Round Table on automatica’s YouTube channel. 

E-Waste Objects presented by teams for the Bring-Your-Own-Device Transferability Demo