Award Ceremony

live at automatica on our munich_i AI.Society booth, Hall B4

congratulations to our teams!!!



Another successful year is complete for Robothon! This year our teams once again showed real-world robotic skills can be developed, optimized, and honed in a completely digital format. Our internet-connected task boards  deployed across 13 countries demonstrated distributed teams can compete and succeed in solving manipulation tasks that were proven to be transferable to various e-waste devices across the globe with our new bring-your-own-device demo. With the support of the Messe München, we were able to crown our top performers live on stage at munich_i. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our sponsors Huawei, Siemens, and Conrad to make sure our teams don’t go away empty handed. 

First Place: Team CARI (Italy) – 10,000€ sponsored by Huawei

Second Place: Team Singularitas (Slovenia) – 4,000€ sponsored by Siemens

Third Place: Team RoboTechX MDX (United Arab Emirates) – 2,000€ sponsored by Siemens

Honorable Mention: Team RoboPig (Germany) & Team MMR UAS Technikum Vienna (Austria) – 1,000€ each sponsored by Siemens

See the teams‘ performances summarized in the table below. You can also view the recorded video of the Award Ceremony and interview’s with the jury and winning team on automatica’s official YouTube channel.

Robothon® Award Ceremony Recording - YouTube
Day 1 - automatica is finally back! - YouTube
Performances on the scorecard summary are from the live presentation demo with the jury.

it was our pleasure to host you in munich!

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