Kaa connects Teams around the world Trust and Evaluation from Afar…

Kaa-powered IoT Dashboard is at the core of the Robothon® Grand Challenge 2021 providing insight into each team’s development from their home labs. The competition task boards were equipped with a microprocessor which recorded performance data related to the challenge’s tasks which enabled teams to compete on a fair playing field without incurring the often overlooked expense and difficulty of shipping their team and complex robot platform to the trade show. 

The Robothon® Grand Challenge 2021 is one of the four components of the munich_i and serves as one of the global competitions regularly appearing at the Automatica trade show to shape the future of robotics in science and industry. On June 10, 2021 teams from around the world competed in robot manipulation tasked to disassemble and sort e-waste over a 4-week period.

The performance of each team’s robot was tracked using Kaa’s public Web Dashboard. The dashboard tracked key metrics from competing robots such as Trial Points, Timestamps, Task Board Subtask Progress, Competition Task Boards, and Trial Time to allow teams to feel more connected and provide transparency in their final evaluations. These metrics were then used alongside a live demo over video conference with the members of the Grand Jury to determine the winner of the contest.  

You can see the the Dashboard here: https://bit.ly/3w0xd1b 

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